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Athletic Team Tryouts are held at the beginning of each sport season. Fall, Winter, & Spring.  All AHS students are invited and encouraged to tryout for an AHS athletic team.

Ashley Athletic Web Site:

AHS sports offered for 2018-19:


1st day of practice is August 1st

Season: August-November

Football: Varsity & JV,             8:00am

Volleyball: Varsity & JV           8:00am

Men’s Soccer: Varsity & JV     8:00am

Women’s Tennis: Varsity        TBA on Monday 8/3

Cross Country: Varsity M&W   TBA

Women’s Golf: Varsity             TBA on Monday, 8/10 at TBD

Cheerleading: Varsity & JV     TBA


1st day of practice is Monday, November 2nd at 3:45

Season: November-March

Basketball: Girls Varsity & JV, Boys Varsity & JV

Swimming: Men and Women at YWCA

Wrestling: Varsity Men/Women in Wrestling practice area


1st day of practice is Monday, February 13 at 3:45pm;

Season: February-May

Baseball: Varsity & JV

Softball: Varsity & JV

Track: Men & Women

Women’s Soccer: Varsity & JV

Men’s Tennis: Varsity at tennis courts

Men’s Golf: Varsity at Beau Rivage

Men's Lacrosse: Varsity & JV

Women's Women: Varsity & JV




A student will not be allowed to practice or try out for a team until they are eligible in all areas.

Grades-Academics - A student must pass 3-of-4 classes (credits) previous semester, have a 2.0 GPA (.77 avg.), and be on pace to graduate. Credits needed for promotion are: to 10th grade=6 credits (one credit must be English and one must be Algebra l); to 11th grade=12 credits; to 12th grade=20 credits. (28 credits are needed to graduate).

NCHSAA Athletic Eligibility Grid for NHCS

Physical/Pre-Participation Screening – A Physical/Pre-Participation Screening is required every 365 days (normally once in a school year.)

Forms are located in the front office and online. Fill out your personal history and have it signed by a parent and the student-athlete. Take this completed form with you to your physical exam.

In order to tryout for an athletic team, a student-athlete must have an up-to date physical on file at the school.

Participation in an extra or co-curricular activity, including athletics, is a privilege and not a right. All fines and fees owed by the student to the NHCS or to the school must be paid before a student is allowed to participate in athletics, extra and co-curricular athletics.

The NHC Athletic Screening Form, Concussion Information and Code of Ethics must be completely filled out, signed by both the parent/custodian and student-athlete and on file at the school prior to the student being eligible to practice.

If a student misses five (5) consecutive days of practice due to illness or injury, then the student must have a doctor’s note stating that they are (1) Physically able to continue playing the sport, and (2) recovered from their illness or injury, before they will be allowed to continue to participate in athletics.

Insurance – The New Hanover County School System recommends that all athletes purchase school athletic accident insurance or show proof of personal accident insurance by completing/signing an insurance waiver form in order to participate in athletics (including tryouts). This information is protected but is necessary in case the student-athlete is injured and the parent cannot be initially contacted so that emergency treatment can be given without delay.

Age - No student is eligible who is 19 on or before August 31st (born on or before August 31st ).

8 Semesters - A student is eligible for eight (8) consecutive academic semesters from the date they first entered ninth (9th) grade. No student may participate in any high school sport more than 4 consecutive seasons or twice in the same sport during an academic year.

Residency- A student must reside with their parents or show a court order referring in terms of custody and not guardianship. Please contact the AHS Athletic Director if there are questions and for a further explanation of the residency requirements (School Phone: 910- 790-2360 x129).

Attendance – A player must have been in attendance for at least 85% of the previous semester at his/her previous school. If you miss more than 13 days of school, in any one semester, for any reason, you are ineligible the following semester.

To represent your school in Athletics, YOU:

  • Must be a properly enrolled student at the time you participate, must be enrolled no later  than the 15th day of the present semester, and must be in regular attendance at that  school.

  • Must not be convicted of a felony in this or any other state, or adjudicated as a delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult in this or any other state.

  • Must be present at school on the day of an athletic contest in order to participate in the event. This includes games and practices unless excused by the Principal.

  • Must not accept prizes, merchandise, money, or anything that can be exchanged for money    as a result of athletic participation (maximum value of $20.00 per season). This includes being on a free list or loan list for equipment, etc.

  • Must not have signed a professional contract, have played on a junior college team, or be       enrolled and attending a class in college. This does not affect a regularly enrolled high school student who is taking a college course(s) for advanced credit.

  • Must not participate in unsanctioned all-star or bowl games.

  • May not receive team instructions from your school’s coaching staff during the school year     outside your sports season. Instruction is limited to the coach and one or multiple participants in small group settings (skill development sessions).

  • May not play, practice or assemble as a team with your coach on Sunday.

  • May not dress for a contest, sit on the bench, or practice if you are not eligible to participate.

  • Must not play more than three (3) games in one sport per week (exceptions:

  • Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading, and Volleyball); and not more than one contest per day in the same sport (exceptions: Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading, or Volleyball).

Hopefully, all of our AHS student-athletes will have a COACHABLE ATTITUDE, be a TEAM PLAYER and be a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL! We are looking for LEADERS! Each athletic team and coach will have their additional team rules and expectations; both written and verbal.

A mandatory Pre-Season Parent Meeting (P.A.I.M., Parent Athlete Information Meeting) will be held at the beginning of each sport season to explain the overall athletic program expectations and to meet the coaches. At least one parent and the student-athlete must attend this meeting in order for their daughter/son to participate in a game or continue to practice.

Fall - Sat., 8/15, at 11:05am, Winter - Thur.,11/12 at 6;30pm,  and Spring – Thur., 2/25 at 6:30pm in the Ashley Cafeteria.

For additional explanation or information, please contact the AHS Athletic Director at 910-790-2360 x129.


The website includes an up-to-date online SCHOOL CALENDAR of all AHS activities/events, ATHLETIC SCHEDULES, SCORES, GAME STORIES, STATS, and etc.

Ashley is a member of the very competitive Mideastern 3A/4A Conference along with Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, South Brunswick, Topsail and West Brunswick.

Did you Know?

Remember: Student first, athlete second, respectful Eagle ALWAYS!