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Many academic resources are available on line. SOAR will serve as a good starting place for general information and will provide access to many online resources. 

The Differences between High School/College Athletics

When college athletes are asked what is the major difference between college athletics and high school athletics, the three most common answers given are:

  • The competition level is so much higher

  • The workouts are much more regimented and demanding

  • Time management is very difficult balancing academics and athletics

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

The following is a brief summary of eligibility requirements as set forth by the NCAA. Becoming thoroughly familiar with eligibility requirements is essential for all students who want to compete in college athletics. Links have been provided throughout this summary to relevant pages of the NCAA's official website which further detail specific aspects of eligibility, and to other sites which offer additional information. Please note that this is only a summary, and contacting the NCAA directly is the best way to answer specific questions you may have in regard to any aspect of intercollegiate athletics.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse

The first step a prospective student-athlete must take to establish eligibility is to register with the NCAA's Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse (P.O. Box 4044, Iowa City, IA 52243-4044, (319) 339-3003). Registration and certification through the Clearinghouse are required of all student-athletes and should be undertaken after their junior year of high school. Registration costs $25, although this fee can be waived if a student received a waiver for SAT or ACT fees. Students who were exclusively home-schooled during grades 9 to 12 do not need to register with the Clearinghouse and instead are certified through an intial-eligibility waiver application. To access a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the NCAA's initial eligibility requirements, please refer to the following NCAA web pages:

Helpful Website for Parents and Students

NCAA Eligibility Center - High School Portal

New 2016 NCAA Eligibility Standards

Ashley Transcript Release Form

NCAA Public Home Page

NCAA Transcript Release Form

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA Eligibility Overview

NCAA Initial Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet

Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse FAQs

National Letter of Intent

Free Recruiting Webinar

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Changes (Class of 2016)

NCAA Initial Eligibility Academic Reqiurements

National Scouting Report

SAT Test Practice

ACT Test Practice/Prep

Guiding the College Bound Athlete

Core Course GPA

Core Course GPA: Below I have listed the codes for creating both a new student member account and a new faculty member account.

New STUDENT Member
School ID: 344353
School Code: 717309117

New FACULTY Member
School ID: 344353
School Code: 417308062 

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