Ashley High School Athletics

Summer Workouts 

Athletic Eligibility Rules

Ashley High School strictly adheres to North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) eligibility rules and regulations. To be eligible to participate in athletics, students must meet certain requirements. There are so many eligibility rules, it is impossible to list them all here. Some of the most important ones are--

*      You must submit the ATHLETIC FORMS packet (Pre-Participation Screening form and Concussion Form) prior to trying out, practicing or playing any sport.  These forms must be completed (information, initials and signatures) by the parent or legal custodian and student-athlete prior to particpation in any activities (workouts, practices and/or contests).

*      You must pass at least three out of four subjects or the equivalent of 3 blocks EACH SEMESTER in order to play a sport the next semester.  Refer to the NHC Eligibility grid for more information.

*      You must meet the promotion standards to go from one grade to the next each year.

*      You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or .77% during the previous semester.

*      You must have less than 10 absences in any class during the present semester and meet local promotion standards.   Appeals for a waiver can be made in special medical cases. See your coach or AD for details.

*      You must be in attendance at school to play or practice that day, with the exception of doctor's visits or other activities approved by the principal.

*      You must live (domicile) with a parent or legal custodian and be assigned to Ashley High School.

*      From the time you enter ninth grade for the first time, you get the next eight consecutive semesters to play high school sports.

*      You cannot play sports in any high school in NC if you are 19 or older as of August 31 of the academic year.

*      You cannot participate if you have been convicted of a felony OR are an adjudicated delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

*      You must be debt free to NHCS or working on paying off any debts.

*      Student-athletes and parent/custodians must sign the NHCS Athletic Participation form prior to participation in a contest.